Friday, February 20, 2015


Hiren boot cd is Bootable live cd with all tools enough to repair most computer problems.It is an essential tool for every computer technition.

You can download latest iso image from here and creat a bootable cd from that


Create a Hiren boot USB by following procedure

1) download Universal USB Installer here (wait 5 Seconds and click in the yellow button) if the link isn’t available search it in google.
2) create a folder called Hirens Boot
3)Extract or unzip the hiren boot cd .zip to the above folder
4)Run Universal USB Installer
5) In the drop-down menu select the option Hiren’s Boot CD.  click  the button browse   ISO in the  Hirens Boot folder
6).select USB drive and select the box.
7) click in the button “Create.

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